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Analysis of reasons on pellet mill noisy vibration

If not using YONGLI production granulator, please note the following:

    1, certain parts may granulator bearing problems, the machine does not operate properly, the operating current

        will fluctuate. High operating current (down to check or replace the bearings).

    2, blocking ring mold, or only a portion of the orifice discharge. Foreign objects into the ring mold, ring mold out

        of round, roll the die gap and tight, pressure roller and bearing wear or damage will not turn generate

        granulator vibration (check or replace the ring mold, adjust the nip).

    3, coupling correcting imbalances, high and low deviation about granulation opportunities vibration and pinion

        seals are easily damaged (the coupling must be to the school level).

    4, the spindle is not tightened, especially D or E machine spindle loose will produce axial movement around the

        press roller swing obviously, a great vibration noise granulator, granulating difficulties (need to tighten the

        spindle tail butterfly spring and round nut).

    5, the size of gear wear, or replace a single gear, will generate noise (the need for run-time).

    6, conditioner spout cutting uneven, make pellet mill operating current fluctuations (need to adjust the

        conditioner blade).


    7, using the new ring mold must be formulated in a new roll, and configure certain percentage of bran sand

        grinding, polishing after use (to eliminate the use of inferior ring mold).

    8, strictly control the quenching temperature and time, to keep the machine into the raw water, the raw material

        is too dry or too humid can cause abnormal discharge, so that the granulator is not working.

    9, the steel structure is not solid, granulating machine to work in a steel frame vibration, granulators easy to

        produce resonance (must be reinforced steel structure).

    10, the tail conditioner did not produce or fixed is not strong shaking (needs strengthening).

    11, granulators leakage causes: seal wear, oil level is too high, bearing damage, unbalanced couplings, body

          vibration, forced to start and so on.