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Working principle and features of YONGLI boiler
manufacturing boiling furnace, the use of solid fuel in the furnace was flowing upward airflow hold,

within a certain height range for rolling up and down movement, and fluidized (or boiling) state combustion

chamber, also known as streaming fluidized bed combustion furnace. Fluidized bed combustion mode is also

used in other kiln. Boiling combustion characteristics of solid fuel like that neither placed in a stationary layer

burning furnace grate combustion; also not as liquid, gas, or ground into a fine powder in the combustion chamber

of the furnace solid fuel suspended in furnace combustion space, but the solid fuel is broken into a certain size of the

powder to make it in a similar boiling furnace combustion state. Its boiling furnace coal particle size is generally 8 mm.


     YONGLI boiling furnace design advantages are: not only can burn coal, low quality coal can burn all types of

general grate furnace combustion chamber and can not burn. Bed heat transfer pipe works well, it is about 5 to 10

times the normal boiler tubes. Since the fluidized bed combustion temperature is low, flue gas NOX generated

less,as in the feed appropriate to add limestone or dolomite, coal sulfur can be removed, so that the content of the

flue gas SO2 decreased. Therefore, the boiling furnace structure has considerable advantages.