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Feed machinery updating promotes feed industry devolopment


Feed industry
is an important industry to support the production of livestock and poultry breeding, but also to

measure the level of modernization of animal husbandry industry. After more than thirty years of reform and

opening up, China has become the world's first feed producer, with an annual output of more than 100 million

tons of commercial feed. Has established a set of feed processing, feed raw materials, feed additives, feed

in one complete industrial system, the continuous development of science and technology research

and development, environmental protection, high efficiency, has become the driving force of innovation. The

establishment of a complete production specification, safety evaluation, risk monitoring, supervision and law

enforcement mechanisms. Wang Junxun, deputy director of the Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry, said

in his speech, the scale of China's feed enterprises gradually expand the scale of the industry continues to

improve, in order to change the mode of production, and promote the development of the whole industry chain

to create the conditions.


"The enterprise is the foundation of the development of the industry, is the source of the vitality of the industry,

the enterprise is strong, the country is strong, the industry is booming. Once a year the forum has become a

name card, Chinese animal husbandry and feed industry, become the enterprise cooperation and exchange

platform, in the history of nodes for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, entrepreneurs gathered to

speak freely, consensus, decoding of the industry in the future, leading a new round of business transformation

is significant." The national animal husbandry chief, executive vice president, China feed industry association

secretary general Yang Zhenhai believes that in many unfavorable conditions, animal husbandry maintained a

good income, the fundamental reason is the initiative to adapt to the changing market environment, which is a

result of the whole industry capacity to make up the short board, the pursuit of the tight balance between supply

and demand.

Raising the level of feed processing equipment. With professional, large-scale, automation, intelligence, high

efficiency and low energy consumption, green environmental protection, safety and health oriented, promote

the upgrading of feed processing equipment. To improve the material receiving, crushing, conditioning, puffing,

drying, sieving, cooling, expansion, packing, palletizing and other key equipment reliability, service life, intelligent

and self clean level. Feed processing technology and the organic combination of animal nutrition, in accordance

with the fine segmentation stage, fine varieties, breeding requirements, the construction of appropriate processing

and quality safety index system, promote the feed products processing.

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