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How to choose appropriate feed pellet machine?
In consultation with the purchase of granular feed processing equipment, the basic parameters required to provide

as following: 

 1 what kind of animal is suitable for the production of feed? 
 2 what is the required capacity? 
 3 what are the raw materials for processing? 
 4 what is the moisture content of the raw material? 
 5 Where is the equipment used? 
 6 If packing is necessary? 
If the plant has been built, but also need to provide the plant size, these parameters are closely related and matching

machine, must be clear, so we can help to choose suitable feed processing equipment.

After the purchase of feed processing equipment Yongli machinery, our company can provide installation, debugging

and training services. To ensure that customers in the purchase of the machine after the machine can work properly,

to increase the value of customers to create profits.

Jiangsu Yongli Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production of feed machinery manufacturers of professional equipment.

Division I through fifteen years of development, has become a research and development, production, sales,

installation enterprise. Our company specializes in pelleting machine, crushing machine,

drying machine, chipping machine, roller, ring die accessories and all kinds of biomass energy particle production

line, pulp wood chip production line, design, manufacture and installation of feed production line.

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