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SBP releases final draft regional risk assessment for DEN
The Sustainable Biomass Partnership has published the final draft Regional Risk Assessment for Denmark. Interested

parties are invited to provide written comments on the draft.

Regional Risk Assessments are a key part of SBP’s focus on identifying and mitigating risks associated with sourcing

feedstock for biomass wood pellet and woodchip production. The SBP certification system is designed to provide

assurance that all feedstock is sourced legally and sustainably.

Feedstock certified at the forest level through FSC or PEFC schemes and feedstock from recycled sources is

automatically SBP-compliant. All other feedstock must be evaluated using a risk-based approach.

Typically, the biomass producerr, a pellet or woodchip mill, is responsible for carrying out the risk assessment and

putting in place mitigation measures to manage any specified risks such that they can be considered as controlled

and hence low risk. It is the role of an independent, third-party certification body to check that the feedstock

evaluation has been correctly undertaken.

The purpose of a Regional Risk Assessment is to evaluate an entire geographic region and determine the risks

associated with sourcing feedstock for biomass wood pellet or woodchip production from that region. Thus, the

need for individual Biomass Producers to conduct risk assessments is avoided. Further, Regional Risk Assessments

are particularly valuable where statutory protection for forested land is limited.

Carsten Huljus, SBP Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Identifying and managing any risks so as to prevent illegal

and unsustainable sourcing of feedstock for the production of biomass wood pellets and woodchips used in large

scale energy production is central to the role of SBP. We encourage interested parties to take part in the


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