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Why is the floating fish feed extruder so popular?
Jiangsu Yongli Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 2003 with an occupation of 22000 square meters of production
plant, equipped with the modern production equipment and professional technical R & D team, over the years has
become set product development, production and sales integrated of enterprise. Our production of
floating fish feed
with its unique performance, widely favored by the customers.

                                                                         YONGLI Factory
Yongli Machinery floating fish feed extruder (with conditioner) can adjust water for improving the yield and particle
effect; design of silo is unique; no sediment to ensure feeding smoothly; automatic feeding; equipped with automatic
lubricating system, ensure high efficiency.Yongli floating fish feed extruder’s cutting part is made of a moving cutter
blade, and the blade is made of spring steel, and the template fits well. The different sizes of the flat plate can be
obtained by using the variable frequency motor to drive the cutter, and the length of the product can be controlled.

                                                                     Floating fish feed extruder
The feed pellets produced by the floating fish feed extruder are favored by an increasing number of aquaculture
farmers, which means that the floating fish feed extruder has an unparalleled advantage over other feed processing
equipment and is therefore welcome.

                                                                 Floating fish feed extruder pellets

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