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Iranian Pellet Production Line Equipment Delivery
On June 22, 2017, YONGLI Machinery issued an Iranian order of feed pellet production line equipment and steel silo

line. The customer ordered a number of pellet production lines from our company last year, and these production lines

have been in the normal operation in the customer's factory currently, which has brought huge benefits to the customer.

Package for equipment ordered by the Iranian customer
YONGLI staff who is responsible for the delivery packaged the cargo as always. After the container reached the factory,

our department's shippers cooperated actively, and each equipment was fixed to ensure the cargo be received by the

customer safely.

YONGLI Machinery Shipment
The Iranian customer once again buy YONGLI Machinery equipment, which can indicate customers' recognition on the

quality and service of our company' equipment. YONGLI Machinery has 15 years of experience in the development,

production, installation and commissioning of
biomass pellet production lines and feed pellet production lines. Services

of thousands of domestic and foreign feed and biomass processing enterprises. YONGLI Machinery is your wise choice.