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Yongli logs peeling machine
Yongli YLMB series wood peeling machine widely used in fiber board factory, paper mill, veneer rotary cutting

factory, wood plant, pulp plant, wood storage plant, forest and other. Applicable to a wide range of Eucalyptus,

poplar and other popular wood with good effect, is suitable for the production line equipment.

Single Roller Wood Peeling Machine

The structure is simple and strong, strong rigidity, low failure rate, long service life.The open bin, from one end

of the feed, on the other end of the feed assembly, overcome the existing roller peeling machine power feed,

discharging, the disadvantages of segmentation method, high working efficiency. Due to the impact of the teeth

of the wood segment, not only to make the wood segment in the case of circular motion, and around its own

rotation, and therefore high peeling efficiency. The eucalyptus and poplar difficult peeling species has good

peeling effect, purity reached more than 95%.Strong adaptability of wood, of different tree species, diameter,

length and shape of wood skin, because logs do rotary motion and irregular beating, so bending wood recess

can well with peeling tooth contact. As a result, the stripping rate of the curved log is much higher than that of

the other roller. Due to the huge casing is fixed, so little energy, low failure rate, maintenance workload is small,

vibration and noise than roller peeling confidential much lower machine landing can be produced, even without

base installation, easy to use.

Double Rollers Wood Debarker

Double roller, single wood peeling machine is Yongli innovation and development of a new generation of highly

efficient wood peeling products. The machine is used with peeling tooth of the rotor generated unique force, the

wood in the bunker trough plate to go round and round circular motion, but also around the logs its axis rotary

motion and irregular beating. At this point, the wood segment and the teeth, wood and wood segment, and the

position of the timber section of the friction between the friction, impact, extrusion, and bark quickly separated,

to achieve efficient peeling effect.

Three Rollers Wood Peeling Machine

                                                                                                               Source:Biomass Magazine