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Yongli machinery aquatic feed pellet mill
Jiangsu Yongli Machinery Co. Ltd has 15 years of experience in feed machinery production, the construction

of many projects at home and abroad, mainly to complete feed engineering, steel silo, warehousing transportation

system and other related equipment.

Yongli YPM series pellet mill , direct drive system, improve the efficiency of 20%, the frequency of feeding, to

ensure uniform material feeding, stainless steel / Gaka, open the door to strengthen the conditioner, the volume

increased by 2.6 times, the curing time is long, the feed rate is increased by 3-5%, using steam injection device,

effectively prevent steam anti spray. Stainless steel door cover, anti-corrosion ability, long service life, The box is

machined by CNC, With high precision, large storage, low noise.

Yongli pellet mill has overload protection device is advanced and reliable, rapid disassembly hoop type ring mould,

the main parts of the bearings and standard parts are imported, removable pneumatic pumps, gear with precision

grinding machining, low noise, production ratio belt drive increase 20%, the use of fast unloading hoop high grade

ring mold, internal design.