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UPM considers developing a biorefinery in Finland

UPM is studying biofuels development opportunities by starting an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for a

possible biorefinery in Mussalo, Kotka, in south-eastern Finland. The study of a possible Kotka Biorefinery is in

the very early stages and the EIA process normally takes approximately one year.
EU and national policies on biofuels will also play an important role in the final assessment of the possible investment.
The EIA study states that the proposed second UPM biorefinery would use a different raw material base and

technology than in the current UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery. The Kotka Biorefinery would produce approximately

500,000 metric tons of advanced biofuels for transportation, made from several renewable and sustainable

"We are looking into the use of several new feedstocks that fulfil sustainability criteria, such as wood residues and

other sustainable wastes and residues. In addition to this in Uruguay we are testing a winter cropping concept with

Brassica carinata for biofuels' raw material. Oil from turnip rape-related carinata would be one of the possible raw

materials for the Kotka Biorefinery," says Petri Kukkonen, vice president of UPM Biofuels Development.
The environmental impact assessment started by UPM in February is a legal preventive environmental policy

procedure. EIA studies the execution of alternatives, environmental impacts and the possibility of minimizing harmful

impacts—as well as the opinions of various stakeholders on all these areas.

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