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IRENA: Global bioenergy capacity increases in 2017

The International Renewable Energy Agency has released new data that shows global renewable power

generation capacity increased by 167 GW in 2017, reaching 2,179 GW. This represents an annual growth

of approximately 8.3 percent.
Global bioenergy capacity increased by 5 GW, or approximately 5 percent last year. By the end of the year,

global bioenergy capacity reached an estimated 109 GW.
According to IRENA, Asia continued to account for the majority of the growth in bioenergy capacity, with increases

of 2.1 GW in China, 510 MW in India and 430 MW in Thailand. Bioenergy capacity also increased by 1 GW in

Europe and 500 MW in South America. IRENA noted the increase in South America was relatively low when

compared to growth experienced in recent years.
The data shows that total bioenergy capacity in the U.S. also increased last year, reaching 13.151 GW, up

from 12.98 GW in 2016. U.S. bioenergy capacity for solid biofuels and renewable waste reached an estimated

10.567 GW last year, up from 10.415 GW in 2016. Generation capacity for biogas reached 2.429 GW in 2017, up

from 2.41 GW in 2016.

                                                                                 Source:Biomass Magazine