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UK college opens bioenergy training center

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May recently helped celebrate the opening of a new bioenergy training center at the

U.K.-based Berkshire College of Agriculture. The new energy center will provide training in the form of

apprenticeships and short courses in biofuel engineering and related skills.
“I was very pleased to go back to Berkshire College of Agriculture to hear of the innovative work the college is

doing and to open the new energy center,” said May. “It’s vital that young people have the education and skills

to take on the jobs needed for the future. So I was pleased to be able to meet with students who, through using

the new energy center, will be given the training and opportunity to make a real difference to help protect our

planet for future generations.”
An official with the college noted that BCA already had two biomass boilers and engine rooms on campus

and said the addition of the new energy center will provide for the development of professionally recognized

According to BCA, the college, along with its employer partner LC Energy, found that the emerging sector

of biofuel and renewable energy has a significant skills gap, with a substantial need for education and

upskilling of the current workforce. BCA enrolled 12 new apprentices in April for the new energy center

and associated programs.

                                                                                 Source:Biomass Magazine