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Yongli is fighting at the front line of the shipping site

Jiangsu Yongli Machinery Co., Ltd. exportation of equipment abroad is a hot and busy scene. To ensure that the
containers can arrive at the Shanghai port on time, Yongli shipper arrive at the company early, fight at the scene
of the shipment.

Today, this batch of biomass machinery equipment are exported to South American country. The main products contains:
pellet mill, drum dryer, wood chipper, hammer mill, conveyors and other complete turnkey biomass machinery production
line equipment. In order to ensure that the goods are delivered within the time limit stipulated in the contract, all employees
give up their rest on Saturday and stick to their respective jobs. The head of our project department said: "We must ensure
that the production and shipment of equipment are high-quality and fast. While accelerating the progress, we must pay
more attention to the quality of equipment."

In order to ensure the quality of the products, in the production process of the previous two months, we implement the
responsibility to the people, arrange special personnel to stare at the scene, and formulate measures to enhance the
sense of responsibility and enthusiasm among the workers. In addition, the chairman, general manager, in charge of
management and on-site management personnel visit the site regularly and irregularly, and find problems in time for
rectification. Yongli people always bear in mind the "customer-centric" service concept to ensure the equipment good
quality of Yongli Machinery.