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Ring die for Feed and Biomass Pellet Machine
Ring die is the key part of Ring Die Pellet Mill in the large scale pellet plant to produce animal feed,
wood pellets, poultry feed,livestock feed,aqua feed, biomass pellet and other granules.

The quality of ring die plays an important role in making high quality pellets and high output,also can
save much maintenance cost for pellet manufacturers. YONGLI is a reliable ring die manufacturer
who can supply you top quality ring dies.

Features of Ring die:
1) Hole smooth,long working life and high output;
2) Competitive price;
3) Quick delivery;
4) About 20 years of production experience;
5) Quality control:ISO9001:2000;
6) Hole Diameter:Feed size 2-12mm; wood pellet size 6-12mm or other sizes customized;
7) Wear resistance,corrosion resistance,heat resistance,fatigue resistance,impact resistance.

Packaging: Depending on customers' requirement, such as steel frame or iron crate etc.

Shipping: Our shipping operator and delivering equipments will be ready on time to ensure goods
shipped based on sales order requirement.