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Super micron hammer mill Working principle

1. Grinding process
When the machine works, particle diameter less than 1mm,
through the stepless variable speed motor and a belt drive,
with a suitable flow evenly to a material feeding of crushing
chamber, materials in the grinding chamber through the blade
impact, crashed after the small particles of material in high
speed to the toothed plate collision, then again with toothed
plate collision, so that the small particles are further crushed,
at the same time, the material also occurs between the mutual
friction, collision,so as to obtain the fine particles by a fan, suction,
fine particles by the separator by wind herbal classifier into a
cyclone, pulse dust collector to recover.

2. Crushing principle
Crushing the material working principle: material after initial cleaning
sieve, magnetic drum screening from the feed auger into the crushing
chamber, by high-speed rotating blade impact rupture, and the higher
the speed to the ring gear, and the gear ring in the gap between the
blade and the blade is very small, and the ring gear flow because of
flow section the occurrence of transient changes in alternating, material
crack tip and the resulting alternating stress, this material is crushed by
the repeated action, crushing the raw material with lower upward airflow
along the guide ring rise, into the grading department, and according to
the sorting device of the centrifugal force and the centripetal force attracted
gas flow balance, accept classification, fine powder out of the machine,
coarse powder back to crush grinding chamber, thereby, can avoid
excessive grinding, obtains the ideal size effect, in addition, the finished
size adjustment in keeping the air volume can be changed according to
classifiers simply adjusting speed.