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Developing Biomass Energy, Turn Waste into Treasure
     In the season of annual wheat harvest, there are special workers who are responsible for packing straw in the field,

and at the same time, the wheat straw per acre gives the farmers a certain purchase fee. These wheat straws are

"swallowed" by the bander and then bundled and "spit out". They are then loaded onto the transporter by the packer

and finally sold to the power plant for secondary utilization as fuel for power generation. The wheat straw has changed

from a disgusting garbage to a "Treasure".

     Through the reuse of waste wheat straw, not only the ridges in the field are neat, but also the management of large

autumn crops is convenient. The most important thing is that the rural environment has become beautiful and the

income of farmers has increased. Zhang Jianlong, director of the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau, said during

the two sessions of the country this year that it is necessary to vigorously develop agricultural and forestry biomass

energy and maintain national energy security. "It is necessary to develop biomass energy as an important strategy,

and converting agricultural and forestry waste into biomass oil is an important part of it, which can increase the

utilization of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin in biomass composition."
     In fact, in the international arena, agricultural and forestry biomass energy has been widely developed and

grown into an important alternative energy source.

     Just one-third of this year, Yongli Machinery has received dozens of customers to increase equipment and

increase production line production. Yongli Machinery is also actively cooperating with customers to help

customers increase production and supply more production lines because the biomass pellet market is

very promising.
     On May 24, 2019, Yongli Machinery issued another equipment for the production of wood pellets from

foreign customers.

It is hoped that customers will receive these equipments and put them into use as soon as possible,

which will bring them more help.