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Which feed equipment is necessary for feed pellet production
     For customers who want to invest in a feed plant, in the process of purchasing the entire feed pellet production

, they often appear blind because they do not understand the whole industry. In order to solve the customer's

doubts, Yongli Machinery here explain how to build a pellet feed production line: a complete pellet feed production

line refers to the pellet feed line composed from the processing of the initial state of the material until the use of

the feed pellets.

Main equipment in the feed line
     Usually, all aspects of the pellet feed production line are clear. Feed machinery equipment generally include

grinding equipment, pelleting equipment, conveying equipment, cooling and drying and screening equipment,

bagging equipment, and other auxiliary equipment. Of course, the pellet production lines of different

manufacturers also have large and small differences, mainly based on the customer's raw material conditions,

plant size and customer requirements, thus forming a reasonable and practical pellet feed production line. 

     Generally, before the customer prepares to invest in the project design production line, the feed machinery

manufacturer will design a blueprint according to the information provided by the customer and the time and

output of the production line, so as to give certain technical guidance; according to the customer's requirements,

the feed machinery company sometimes send specialized technical engineers or staff to conduct on-site

inspections before starting design drawings and proposing reasonable design ideas to achieve cooperation

intentions. In addition, in the installation of the machine, the professional company will send personnel to

install or guide the installation in the past to improve the efficiency of the installation. At the same time, the

company will also give the customer the training in the operation of the machine and equipment, so that the

customer can get familiar with the operation of the equipment more quickly, and better use of the various

equipment of the pellet feed production line.

Feed raw materials and pellets

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Our company is a professional manufacturer of biomass pellet production line , feed production line and silo equipment,

and has supplied more than 1000 turnkey projects for customers at home and abroad.

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