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Yongli Machinery - Russia cattle feed line & 1600T Silo
It has entered the cold winter, the weather is gloomy and cold, just went to work in the morning, received our company's technical
after-sales service team from abroad to work report, suddenly a warm stream of heart, make me particularly warm,because
Yongli Machinery has successfully finished another complete set of feed production line and steel silo turnkey project in Russia.

This is a complete set of 5T/H cow feed production line, plus 1600T raw material storage steel Silo. After 3 months of careful
installation in Russia, our after-sales team finally handed over the golden key to customers' profitability to our Russian
customers who have always supported us and trusted us.
Our Russian customer once told me why they chose Yongli Machinery as their long-term supplier when there are so many
factories in China.The customer said: "the reason is very simple, because Yongli Machinery technical level is high, Pre-sale
 & after-sales service quality is very professional, choose Yongli Machinery, that is, choose rest assured."This is also
Yongli Machinery business philosophy: Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Win-win.
With the development of e-commerce network, more brother companies can promote products on various business platforms.
For us, not Yongli people promote well, but Yongli’s machine can "Talk", that is why more & more buyers find Yongli Machinery,
choose Yongli products, together with Yongli Machinery development all the way forward.
If any inquiry, please feel free to contact with us.
Sales manager:Jessica Yang
Phone number: 0086 151 9051 3782
Email: info@yongli-machine.com