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Biomass pellet production line shipped to Australia

Recently, Yongli's production workshop has been busy. Yongli people are producing, testing,
debugging and packaging for the production
Pellet Production line of Australian clients.
The equipment shipped this time is a complete set of
Pellet production line equipment,
hammer mill, wood chipper, dryer, pellet mill, coolers, packing scales, fans,
airlock, conveyors, elevators, electrical cabinets Cables and on-site installation materials, etc.

Yongli's workers carried out the production and packaging of the equipment carefully and
. Yongli Machinery's service concept is: Customer-Centric. Quality has always been
the most critical for Yongli! This is why Yongli Machinery has continuously received orders
from new and old customers in the past 18 years.

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