1-10TPH Premixed Feed Line

1. Yongli pre-mixed feed line is suitable for a variety of production 

    poultry& livestock feed and ordinary fish feed or feed powder.

2. F
eed unit contains a section for each feed production equipment needed,

    from the crushing, mixing, granulating, cooling, screening, elevating, transportation

    to the electronic control system.

3. All equipment is fixed on a steel frame, analog centralized control panel.

All interlock device to take control,equipped with a security alarm device, easy to operate,
small footprint

5. Its characteristics are: simple installation, easy operation, centralized control.

6. A variety of technical processes for option. Because of its small investment, quick results,

    so it is the ideal equipment.

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Dimension(m)
YPMP05 1-2.5 20 4*3*5
YPMP10 2-5 35 5*4*5.5
YPMP20 4-10 110 6*6*8