Sudan 20T/H Animal Feed Line

1. Yongli signed the contract of 20t/h poultry&livestok feed line and fish feed line with Sudan customer on August,2010.

2. Li Yong engineering team responsible for all equipment's manufacture, installation,training workers, and final


3. The customer wanted to use the least resources to create the biggest benefit, so the whole production was

   eqquiped with PLC computer monitoring system.

4. The entire project including material receiving,crushing,automatic batching system,mixing,drying, pelletizing,

   cooling and packing etc.

5. Currently, the whole production line stable running and customer gets a lot of benefits.

6. For more information, plz view Yongli animal feed prodution line turnkey project.

Grinding section: feed hammer mill, cyclone, pulse filter etc.


Mixing section: various materials enter into the feed mixer, fully mixing.


Pelleting section: mixed feed raw materials use the YONGLI patent feed pellet mill,according to the high

temperature steam modulation and strong compression,compressed into appropriate particle size.


Cooling and packing sectionParticles of the pellet mill production due to its higher temperature,  are not easy to

 save,which needs to reduce the temperature of the particles by