Vietnam 180,000 Tons Of Aqua Animal Feed Line

1. Yongli signed the contract of 180,000 tons of aqua feed production line with Vietnam customer on May,2014.

2. This project is the use of YPM350 feed pellet mill+double crab feed production line.

3. crusing+mixing+superfine grinding the secondary+mixing the secondary,we designed the capacity of 3-4t/h.

 Equipped with material receiving system,crushing system,automatic batching system,mixing system, pelletizing

 system, cooling and packing system and PLC control, which saved a lot of manpower and resources.

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Baching scale
Auto batching section
Pelletizing section: aqua feed pellet machine
Screening section: Yongli rotary screener

Packaging section: Yongli packing machine