10t/h Automatic Animal Feed Line In Australia

1.Yongli signed the contract of livestock&poultry feed automatic production line 

 Australia customer on May,2013.

2. Main equipment: Yongli YPM420 feed pellet mill, the designed capacity is 8-10t/h.

The entire project including material receiving,crushing,automatic batching system,

    mixing,drying, pelletizing, cooling and packing etc.It's a turnkey project.

4. The whole production line finished the installation in September,2013, the customer

    was very satisfied with our equipment and our full-service.

1.Ingredients section: After cleaning up all kinds of raw materials into the appropriate bins,

depending on the formulation requirements, through batching auger and batching scales,

all kinds of raw materials with good, and pulverized into feed hammer mill

2.Grinding section: By changing the crusher screen mesh, to get different grinding

fineness of materials, to facilitate the needs of different growth stages of feed pellet production.

3.Mixing section:  Mixing machine has high mixing evenness, fast discharge and low residue.

4.Pelleting section: mixed feed raw materials use feed pellet mill, according to the high temperature

steam modulation and strong compression, compressed into appropriate particle size,and then after

cooling, crushing and screening, serve the finished pellets.

5.Packing section: By automatic packing machine, packaged pellets into different

specifications of the bags for storage or sales.

PLC automatic control