Animal Feed Plant/Animal Feed Line/Aqua Feed Plant

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Yongli animal feed plant advantages:

1.15 years of experience in process design, complete sets of engineering and plant layout.

2. Full services: equipment production, installation, commissioning,electrical control and operation training.

3. Grinding room soundproof room alone setting, reduce noise pollution.
4. Crusher with manual by-pass, optional automatic control bypass.
5. Customized different capacities and equipment of animal feed plant based on customer's requirement, the feed

    line capacity can range from 1t/h to over 100t/h.

6. Proper maintenance,the service life of the production line over 15 years.
7. Full-screen computer control system, which can realize the automatic control equipment operation and monitor

    equipment operation data,enabling a key to start- stop.

8. Single machine has automatic control function, hammer mill, pellet mill, feed extruder, liquid add system and

    other main equipment can realize 
automatically optimization operation according to the feed formula, which can

    reduce the energy consumption and increase production.

9. Analog screen central control system and computer control combined. Electrical control system uses a central

    control room centralized control, imported programmable controller, the simulation screen directly control the

    operation of all equipment. Intuitive, safe and reliable.

Yongli animal feed plant turnkey project show


Animal feed line-feed pellet mill

Feed plant-feed mixer

Animal feed production line-cooling machine

Feed line-packing process

Animal feed line-PLC control

Yongli nimal feed line project

Yongli feed poduction line project

Yongli animal feed plant case