Egypt 5T/H Fish Feed Extruder Line

1. Egypt Customer signed the contract with Yongli of 5 t/h fish feed extruding line in January 10, 2016.

2. The entire project including material receiving,crushing,mixing,drying, extruding pellets, packaging etc.

    all process equipment and electrical Installation.

3. Egypt 5T/H fish feed extruding line is a turnkey project.

4. Yongli is responsible for all the equipment production, installation and commissioning, personnel training,

    and ultimately pay for the use and acceptance of Egypt.

  Customer's plant and fish pond
  Fish feed extruding pellet line
Grinding process: Yongli SWFL series supermicro hammer mill 
     Drying process: Yongli YHGJ series feed dryer
  Extruding process: Yongli aqua feed extruder
 Packaging process: extruded pellet packing
          Output extruded fish feed pellets
      Yongli engineer on-site and customers