Operation & maintenance of YONGLI hammer mill

     YONGLI hammer mill/grinder feeding operation should be uniformed, can not be erratic, ensure the motor at

rated load. Opening the free door is prohibited in the production process. In the normal production process,

opening any coupling guards is forbidden.


    Grinder during operation if unusual noise or blocked discharge, bearings or motor overheating, should stop feeding,

cut off the power, check until the rotor stops, troubleshooting. After the work is completed, must be idle for 2 minutes,

the machine crush the material completely discharged before being shut down. Instead shutdown and startup

sequence. After the shutdown of the mill be down to check, identify problems promptly resolved. It must be cleaned

of magnetic impurities mill entrance magnetic board.


   Mill maintenance should be strictly in accordance with the rules to operate, the class must make the necessary

checks. You should always check on the cotter pin, if excessively worn or broken, replace it immediately. It should

be regularly inspected, cleaned (100 hours) and lubricate the bearings. Machine parts found severe wear and damage

should immediately repair and replacement of the rotor after the repair should be balancing test. Class after work, both

inside and outside the machine should be cleaned to remove dust and dirt in order to avoid rusting machinery, sieve

clogged inner bearing into the dirt.

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