Double Rotors Hammer Mill
YONGLI YHM series double-rotors hammer mill can be widely used in a variety of granular feed ingredients and
finely pulverized powder processing of raw materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, fish and other materials,

but also applies to pharmaceutical, alcohol, solvents and other industries use pulverized processing.


YONGLI grinder Features:
1.Set of parallel twin-rotor, the rotor between two adjustable breaking circulation apparatus design, favorable yield.
2. Fully optimized hammer arrangement, the grinding efficiency is higher.
3. Upper body design wind up there, effectively destroying circulation layer, grinding and sifting favorable material.
4.Includes a high-precision dynamic balance, including the sophisticated detection, to ensure a more stable
operation, lower noise and better performance.
5. Can be positive and negative work of the rotor, greatly extend the service life of wearing parts.
6. Can be fully open access door and safety interlocks shift to ensure that the door of the convenience and safety.
7. Linkage-type pressure screening mechanism, the screening sheet replacement operation easier and more reliable.
8. Can be equipped with advanced technology frequency impeller or magnetic tape feeders make it more reliable.
9. Adjustable hammer screen space can be adapted to different materials high efficiency pulverized.