Selling for Feed Pellet machine

Feed pellet production line, poultry feed mill, fish feed mill etc.

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All our products are factory direct sales with reasonable price.

Pellet machine parameters: (With Siemens motor)

YPM250,  15kw, capacity 0.5-1 t/h.

YPM320,  37kw, capacity 2-3 t/h.

YPM350,  55kw, capacity 3-6 t/h.

YPM420, 110kw, capacity 6-12 t/h.

YPM508, 132kw, capacity 8-14 t/h.

YPM520, 160kw, capacity 9-16 t/h.

YPM600, 185kw, capacity 10-18 t/h.

YPM660, 200kw, capacity 12-25 t/h.

YPM800, 250kw, capacity 25-30 t/h.

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