Hammer mill Maintenance

1.  Airflow adjustment: adjust the suction port on the feeder to ensure a reasonable air volume of the pulverizer; 

adjust the suction port on the operation door to facilitate material sieving.

 2.  Forward and reverse adjustment: By changing the direction of the feeding guide mechanism, the pulverizer 

can be reversed to improve the utilization rate of the hammer and sieve plate.

 3.  According to the requirements of the production variety, replace the corresponding specifications and crush 

the sieve plate in time according to the instructions of the central control. The rough side of the sieve plate 

faces inward.

 4. Clean the magnetic separation device of the pulverizer every shift.

 5. Check the integrity and fastening of parts, especially high-speed parts such as hammers, which must be 

firmly fixed.

 6. Regularly check the bearing lubrication condition.

 7. Open the door cover of the pulverizer, check whether there are sundries in the pulverization chamber, 

and whether the pressure screen frame is tight.

 8. Regularly check the wear of the sieve plate, hammer and pin shaft, and replace them in time.

 9. In the case of ensuring the safety of the man-machine, the machine can be started, and the material 

can be fed after idling for 2-3 minutes. The suction system must be in normal working condition before 


 10. The production feeding should be from less to more until uniform feeding to ensure that the motor 

works under the rated electric load.

 11. After the work is completed, it must be idling for 1-2 minutes, and all the materials in the motor are 

crushed and discharged before the machine can be stopped.