Assembly Silo

Yongli Steel Silo can manufacture corrugated plate in all kinds of specifications automatically with advanced technology abroad. The production process of coiling,plating,profiling,curving and
cutting, etc. And it can accomplish each process under the control of computer. The corrugated plate is not only in beautiful appearance, but also of high accuracy, universal matching, high strength, easy installation, small gap after assembling and good tightness.

We can produce all kinds of assembly silo with the advanced technology and rich installing experience. The diameter of the silo is from 3.65m to 32m with the maximum capacity of 15000 tons. Different kinds of silos constructed by us have been covered all over our country, meanwhile they are exported to the countries and regions like Venezuela, Peru, Indonisia, Philippine, Sri Lanka, Bengal, Vietnam, North Korea, Sudan and Iran,etc.

1. High Accuracy
    International advanced processing equipment and technology have been introduced to ensure the processing accuracy.

2. High Automation
    Steel silo makes high efficiency and labor-saving possible with its high mechanization and automation.

3. Wide Manufacturing Range
    Wide range of manufacturing  can can meet the requirments of different clients with complete accessories and functions.

4. Easy Maintenance
    The standardized, serialized and generalized galvannized steel sheet and the accessories have been used to achieve the convenient maintenance, capacity increasing or moving.

5. Low Investment
    Compared with reinforced concrete silo, the total cost will be 30%-50% lower than that, which can largely reduce the cost.