YPMV Vertical Biomass pellet machine


1. YPMV series of biomass fuel molding machine produced by YONGLI can be optional used in 

concert with all kinds of hammer mill, magnetic separator, screener, feeding conveyor, discharge 

conveyor, cooler, filter, storage bin, etc. 

2. This machine are available for all kinds of sawdust, branch, bark and other timber off-cuts; 

Straw, cotton stalks, straw, rice husk and other crop stalks; Peanut shells, sunflower seed shells 

and other fruits and shells; palm, bamboo powder, forage and other plant waste; toner, paper 

and other materials which are difficult to be molded. 

3. Vertical feed, directly and in place. 

4. Static mold, rotary clamping roller, material of centrifugal, evenly set around. 

5. Ring die, vertical structure, it is conductive for pellet chamber to cool.

6. Motor: Siemens brand, Reducer: Tongli(Similar like SEW) 

7. It is including lubrication system. 

8. It is including electric control cabinet. 

9. The inside of the pellet mill including Ring die, roller shell, bearing, roller shaft, oil seal etc.

Technical parameter:


Raw material and pellets: