Drum wood chipper machine

【Basic Features】

1.Drum wood chipper is the special equipment for producing perfect wood chips, logs and small wood can  be cut
   into high quality with even length and uniform chip thickness. 


2.Available raw material: wood logs, branches and twigs with moisture more than 15%.  

3.Low power consumption, which is 20-50% lower than similiar product in market.   

4.Special material blade, with high strength and anti-abrasion. Free of any professional tool shapener, low
   maintenance cost
, which enjoys the patent: ZL201420054885.

5.Feeding system consists of feeding and squeezing parts:

          (1)Squeezing part: automatic controlled by hydraulic systems.

          (2)Feeding system: can be frequency controlled and can prevent wood chipper from overload working 
               when it is overload, the material will be returned back.



6.Forging dead plate, with high strength and long service time.

7.Bearing adopts Sweden SKF heavy duty bearing, ensure the equiptment's performance and service life 
   under continus full load operation state.


8.Siemens motor


YONGLI passed the audit of ISO9001 quality system and all finished products meet the CE standard.

We insist on “Quality is the soul of company". Our processing equipments are used the most up-to-date

CNC Machine Center. Heat treatment is conducted “in-house"assuring consistent and strict quality standards. 

Non-dust workshop are highly recognized by overseas clients. YONGLI owns a dynamic R&D team, which

follows the principle of “Motive through Innovation, Stand through Quality, Develop through Technology"

leading us to supply convenient turn-key projects to clients.